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Mosquitos and insects are by far the most common disease carrier, or vector. Their bites may leave your skin unpleasant, irritated, itchy, rash, and infected.

The Senses of Nature & Simplicity™ of DE BOUGAINVILLEA™ MOSQUITO & INSECT REPELLENT SPRAY is Natural Beauty Solutions™ to protect your skin from “Bug Bite”. Our well-blended formula contains with several naturally-derived ingredients that provide you with the natural aroma; together, instantly promote unfriendly smell to mosquitos & insects, hence it causes them to keep away from you. Benefits last whilst continued using the product. 

FDA Licensed Product


Spray DE BOUGAINVILLEA™ MOSQUITO & INSECT REPELLENT SPRAY to your body, or the area with plenty of mosquitos & insects. It can be used as often as needed. (Avoid to contact with the eyes)


*Citronella Essential Oil, *Mandarin Orange Peel Aroma Oil​

*Natural Origin Ingredient

Net Weight
40 ml e 1.3 fl.oz.