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The Senses of Nature & Simplicity of DE BOUGAINVILLEA™ BODY ESSENCE is Natural Beauty Solutions™ suitable not only for retain hydrate & emollient body skin but also effective to use as after sun essence. 

It's fortified with naturally-derived ingredients which gives natural powerful anti-aging & antioxidant effects.  With Sesamum Indicum L. Essential Oil, CoCos Nucifera L. Essential Oil, and Moringa Oleifera Essential Oil, Its nutrients have natural Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Mineral, 90 Nutrients together with Its natural properties of anti-bacterial, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory activities.  

This fast-absorbing essence is capable to penetrate into skin tissue; and instantly helps nourishing, moisturizing, softening and soothing the whole body skin, promoting and strengthening collagen network & elasticity, improving skin tauten (lift & firm), detoxifying skin, repairing damaged skin, scavenging free radicals, restoring dull & wither skin, repairing sunburn skin, preventing further dryness and flaky skin.  

Suitable for all skin types.  Benefits last whilst continued using the product.

Notes: The results are based on the individual’s skin.

FDA Licensed Product


Apply DE BOUGAINVILLEA™ BODY ESSENCE on your body after shower. Softly massage in circular motion on your body. For the best result, use twice a day.


- After sun purpose : Apply BODY ESSENCE on the sun burn area without massage or rub.

- For better result, apply BODY ESSENCE on the half dry body after shower.



*Moringa Oleifera Essential Oil, *CoCos Nucifera L. Essential Oil, and *Sesamum Indicum L. Essential Oil, and other Botanical Ingredients.

*Natural Origin Ingredients

Net Weight
30 ml e 1 fl.oz.