About Us

Our Vision :

Everyday Natural Solutions to Boost Youthful Skin and Healthy Life

Our Missions :

  • To offer natural, safe, and effective head-to-toe skincare and lifestyle products with finest quality naturally-derived ingredients to consumer
  • To provide the natural beauty and therapy solutions for consumer’s well-being at a good value
  • To continuously develop/ craft the valuable natural products for everyone everyday
  • To operate business with the consciousness of social responsibilities, environments, morals, cultures, and local community support

As our impression, The Senses of Nature & Simplicity, we,
DE BOUGAINVILLEA®, strongly believe that the nature is the breathtaking beauty and the great value; and it is simply the best solutions ever for beauty and therapy. Undoubtedly, our products comprise of various finest naturally-derived ingredients (Herbs, Botanicals, Vegetable, Fruits, Whole Grains, and Flowers) from organic farming, and use the expertise to craft safe and effective natural products for boosting your youthful skin and healthy daily life.

DE BOUGAINVILLEA® is the registered trademark/ brand offering a wide range of Natural Products with laboratory testing to take care of your head-to-toe needs including Facial Care, Oral & Lip Care, Bath & Body Care, Soap Bar, Hair & Scalp Care, Bugs Bite Protection, and Natural Home Spa Therapy.

DE BOUGAINVILLEA® comes from the word “Bougainvillea” that is the plant founded in Brazil by French Botanist. It’s popular ornamental, easy and organic grown, and relative pest-free plants; and the perennial vine with various species planted throughout Thailand and around the world. Therefore, Bougainvillea collectively represents our Brand as Vividness, Varieties, Value, Nature, and Worldwide Sustainable Growth

You’re welcome to the natural regime of DE BOUGAINVILLEA®, The Senses of Nature & Simplicity.